Communication Infrastructure Corporation Completes 30,000 Microwave Links

Monday, January 6, 2014

CIC an Expert in Microwave Engineering and Implementation

NEW YORK, January 6, 2014 -- Communication Infrastructure Corporation (CIC), a leading microwave engineering, site acquisition, construction and project management firm to the communications and enterprise marketplace, announced today that it has reached a new milestone - completing 30,000 microwave links since the company's inception.

"CIC combines our unique PathDesignerT software with experienced engineers and progressive engineering processes to be a most trusted microwave engineering firm to the communications industry," said James Snyder, President and CEO of CIC. "This significant milestone illustrates the substantial experience and capabilities of our team."

While fiber is the most commonly recognized medium by the general public for carrying communications signals, microwave equipment and services continue to grow because of demand from the communications market and unique applications for specific communications requirements best served by microwave.

"CIC continues to grow because of our focus on the communications industry and our industry leading position of designing and installing low latency microwave networks between major trading exchanges", said Randall P. Muench, Chief Operating Officer. "Microwave will continue to play a key role in these businesses' effort to meet the requirements of their business models and CIC will capture an increasing portion of that opportunity."

About Communication Infrastructure Corporation

Founded in 1999, Communication Infrastructure Corporation (CIC) is an industry leader and single source provider for microwave point to point and point to multipoint radio networks. The CIC team has over 1,000 years of collective microwave radio experience in applications for wireless backhaul, ultra low latency High Frequency Trading (HFT), oil & gas, rural broadband, mobility, and wireless point to point communication links. Using it's proprietary PathDesignerT engineering tool, CIC provides microwave engineering, regulatory, site acquisition, site and network construction and project management to build or augment a microwave network. CIC also provides contracted network maintenance via on-demand and scheduled maintenance services. CIC conducts business in North America, Europe and the Caribbean. In 2013, CIC was recognized by Inc. 5000 as one of the top 100 fastest growing telecommunications company in America, with a 262% 3 year revenue growth rate; a unique position for a 14 year old company.

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