The Treehouse TV Host & the 1960s Spiral Staircase

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Aging infrastructure is often more costly to keep than remove. Few understand that better than AT&T. In February this old long distance tower dating back to 1962 was the fourth structure of it's kind that we removed. This time from the roof of the San Bernardino Central Office. Bragg Crane supplied a 375 ton crane which had the reach for staging across the street. The unoccupied parking lot created an exceptional staging ground for the crane and for the dismantling each section as it came off the roof. The tower itself was an amazing structure, custom fabricated and built from high quality American forged steel I-beams. The seven of the horn microwave antennas served as a major hub for AT&T long distance when in years gone by, all long distance telephone connections were transmitted over microwave radio. Each antenna structure weighed in at 15,000 pounds. The tower was accessed with a set of spiral staircases over 70 feet high, each tread cast iron and individually set. An incredible craftsmanship of US workers in that age. Because the spiral staircase was in excellent shape, CIC was committed to finding a home for it.

Spurred on by Jennifer, the CIC President's wife, we reached out to the treehouse building television host, Pete Nelson to see if this was something he could create a new home or treehouse for it. We reached out via email to the TV Host's website. We were ecstatic to receive a call from none other than the indefatigable Pete Nelson himself who expressed both surprise and delight. Pete coordinated a tractor trailer with flatbed, whereupon the glorious piece of craftsmanship and history was transported to Pete's studio, where it now rests awaiting its chance for new life in some fabulous treehouse. Job duration 3 weeks, which began with the protective covering of plywood and foam over the roof and ended with running magnets to remove fragments of steel, a deep cleaning, and a careful flashing of the tower bases, all standard practice for tower removals. Overall job cost: $172,500. Steel recycled: 250,000 lbs. Spiral Staircased repurposed: 71 vertical feet. AT&T now has a clean roof and the City of San Bernardino has a new skyline.



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