Renewable Energy

Photovoltaic and Fuel Cell

CIC designs solar photovoltaic systems for industrial, commercial and residential applications. On-grid and off-grid, farming, well pump, remote communication sites need energy. CIC creates system that will operate cost-effectivly for decades.

Using state of the art design software, we provide fully documented solar system designs that include, PV energy output based on coordinates, azimuth, tilt and PV product for fixed and tracking systems. 

*  Load studies

*  System Power Output Documentation

*  Racking and structural systems (AutoCAD)

*  One Line Diagrams

*  Permit Package 

Coupled with our energy storage products and services, CIC provides solutions for commercial and industrial solar + storage applications that perform peak shaving and energy arbitrage for grid tied and net metered systems and long lasting self-generation systems for off-grid. CIC is helping to create a clean energy future with simple solutions for customers interested in creating a net-zero energy system.

CIC is partnered with alternative generation systems including wind turbine, fuel cell and ultra-efficient generator systems.

CIC is leading providor for storage and renewable energy for the telecommunications industry and experienced with DC based systems and the equipment that DC systems support. 


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