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Renewables - Energy Storage Microgrids

CICUSA designs and develops energy systems for the 21st Century. The world is changing rapidly, keeping up with energy options, the cost impacts can be challenging

Energy Analysis and Planning

Solar system size for a bill-free utility?

Solar + Storage

Maximize your solar investment with long lasting energy storage.

Generator Runtime Reduction

Achieve your reduced carbon emission goals.


Harden your energy resources, secure your energy future.

Energy Storage

Powering progress with innovative solutions for 20+ years

CICUSA is innovating the energy storage industry with supercapacitor based energy storage. Longer lasting, lower cost of ownership, rapid response, zero maintenance are hallmarks of supercapacitor storage systems, making micro-grids and renewable energy cost effective, efficient and resilient.

Our Work

case studies illustrate problems solved, dollars saved, green objectives met

AT&T Off Grid - Reducing Generator Fuel Costs


Benton Hot Springs, CA

FAA Weather Camera Program - Reducing Maintenance, Increasing Uptime


Alaska, USA

Generator Runtime Minimized - Fuel Costs Optimized - Tordrillo Mountain Lodge


Tordrillo Mtns, Alaska

AT&T Mt Patterson - 74% Reduction in Fossil Fuel Consumption


Mt Patterson - Sierra Nevada

The History

Infrastructure Development

CICUSA engineers, furnishes and installs energy storage, micro-grids and renewable energy systems for telecom, utility and commercial customers. For more than two decades, CIC has provided exceptional value to our customers through creative problem solving, focus on our customer's needs and
deep expertise.

The blog

Partner with us for reliable, sustainable infrastructure solutions

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