About Us

CICUSA provides sustainable and reliable energy storage solutions for corporate clients, reducing their reliance on fossil fuels and improving their energy resilience.

Responsible to our people,
communities and the environment where we live.

Company history

Telecom infrastructure to Supercapacitor Energy Storage

Founded in 2003 to provide wireless development services. By 2019, the CICUSA team had developed 5,000 wireless sites and more than 32,000 microwave links across North America. CICUSA began developing renewable infrastructure for the wireless industry in 2015, adding solar systems to CICUSA’s portfolio of services.

While developing off-grid solar systems for AT&T, we discovered Supercapacitor based energy storage. Supercapacitors are an alternative to traditional batteries. The advantages of Supercapacitors are greater cycle life, wider operating temperatures and high C-rates. AT&T began implementing Supercapacitor technology because of the significant benefits they offered in off grid sites. Energy storage is gaining tremendous focus from government and industry expanding CICUSA’s energy storage program. In 2021, CICUSA shifted its entire focus to energy storage, microgrids and renewable energy, becoming one of the leaders in Supercapacitor energy storage implementation in North America.

CICUSA is a leader in the design and installation of energy storage projects for backup power, solar, peak shaving and energy arbitrage using supercapacitor based storage systems. Customers like AT&T, the US Army, electric utilities, private enterprize, and recreational lodges in austere environments have relied on CIC to deliver microgrids and energy storage systems in all regions of the United States. Using these projects as a template, CIC is focused on energy storage to reduce the burning of fossil fuels and saving customers energy costs while increasing their energy resiliency and reducing their carbon footprint.

Since the first supercapacitor storage system for a wireless operator in North America, the CICUSA team is focused bringing innovative solutions to the energy industry, savings costs, increasing reliability and contributing to a cleaner world.