About Us

Infrastructure Development

CIC is an infrastructure development company providing EF&I services in the energy storage, micro-grid, renewable energy and telecom sectors. For more than two decades, CIC has provided exceptional value to our customers through creative problem solving, focus on our customer’s needs and deep expertise in each area of focus.

We place an emphasis on using the best tools for each job, which has often led us to develop the tools we need for specialty applications.

When faced with the largest microwave project of its kind in the world, we developed our own software to perform the work with higher accuracy and speed. Since then, all of our customer’s have benefited from faster results and greater accuracy.

Encountered with a complex energy analysis problem, we developed the software to accurately predict energy costs from multiple options. Our customers benefit by being able to select the optimal solution before investing in the high cost of development.

With thousands of projects completed, we have developed a deep understanding of the challenges and what to do to preempt them to create better outcomes. Our customers benefit by avoiding costly errors and schedule overruns.

Every industry has exceptional service providers that bring value to their customers. It is our objective to be counted among them. We look forward to being your trusted advisor on your next project.