Generator Runtime Minimized -
Fuel Costs Optimized -
Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

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Supercapacitors save diesel fuel
for Longest running Heli-ski
Resort in Alaska

Microgrid for lodge property reduces fuel costs by $43,000 annually

  • Generator power entire lodge

  • Generator runs 24/7
  • Supercaps introduced

  • Generator energy optimized
  • Generator runs 10 Hrs in 24

  • $43,000 Annual Fuel costs saving

Electric XW-Pro Inverters

170 kWh of Supercap Energy Storage

Supercap storage size optimized to kwh load maximizes generator efficiency and reduces fuel cost

25 Year Analysis 24 kW Load

SuperCap Advantage by the Numbers

Replacement Cycle (years)


25 Year Annualized Cost


Annual fuels savings


Net annual savings


Project payback time (years)


LCOE* $/kWh


* LCOE = Annualized Cost / (Life Energy Delivered / KW)

AT&T Off Grid - Reducing Generator Fuel Costs

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AT&T Mt Patterson - 74% Reduction in Fossil Fuel Consumption

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FAA Weather Camera Program Reducing Maintenance, Increasing Uptime

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