Communication Infrastructure Corporation Improves Survey Utility Application


Communication Infrastructure Corporation (CIC), a leading microwave engineering, site acquisition, construction and project management firm to the communications and enterprise marketplace, announced today an upgrade to their proprietary Survey Utility Application. The CIC Survey Utility application automates the collection, organization and report creation of Path and Site Survey data for Microwave engineering customers. This new release automates the generation and delivery of survey and audit results in custom, customer defined formats to meet the high quality, quick turnaround requirements of communications and enterprise clients.

Path Surveys and Site Audits have been the primary focus since the inception of CIC’s proprietary Survey Utility Application. CIC employs the National Spectrum Managers Association (NSMA) standards for survey methods and offers an error-free, 100% guarantee while meeting the short response timeframes critical to microwave planning and design. CIC exceeds industry requirements with a 99.994% success rate in physical surveys since 2003. This enhanced tool allows for advanced planning and project changes to be made at a moment’s notice.

“CIC consistently invests in proprietary IT development to meet the quality and response requirements of our customers. This enhancement allows our customers to receive site and path survey results faster and in their exact format, which supports faster planning and implementation of network upgrades.” said Marty Snyder, President and CEO of CIC.

“In 2013, CIC received strong ‘score card’ grades from our largest survey and audit customers and this investment is our effort to anticipate our customer’s needs, exceed our customer’s standards and attain perfect scores in 2014.” said Randall P. Muench, Chief Operating Officer.