FIELD BREAK: My Experience as a Technical Assistant


I have been a Technical Assistant at CIC for over a year now. This year has taught me more than I never knew about Microwave and the way a telecom company works; since coming into my position, I had no background working in the telecom industry. CIC provided all the required training for me to do my job well, including a basic understanding of microwave and its purpose.

After several months of being with the company, I noticed my attitude shifting towards my understanding of Microwave, and I wanted to learn more. I wanted to learn what the science was behind it, how CIC was using it to build communication networks, and essentially what can we do with Microwave going into the future. When the opportunity arose for me to fly to Georgia for Microwave Training with one of CIC’s top microwave guys and the chance to step out into the field first hand, I couldn’t resist. Coming from a non-proficient background in the wireless industry, I knew this opportunity would be a great asset for me, as I continue my journey into the microwave world.

After the intense initial training for the skills needed for my current position, this crash course into Microwave was exactly the next step to ensure what I would be up to par with the industry standards and terms. Not only would this provide me with a wealth of information, but it would allow me to do my job better with the understanding of how CIC’s systems work! During the Microwave Fundamentals Training Course, not only did I learn what a “frickle” was (it’s a fried pickle!) I learned more about microwave and how important is has been and continues to be in our daily lives. At the end of each day, take home exams were given out as homework assignments to drive the points we learned in class home.

The other CIC employees who attended the training were extremely well versed in the industry, which just meant I had to work that much harder to learn new information and keep up, as they say, with my co-workers. They were suspiciously patient and helpful in assisting me to further my understanding of microwave. Their knowledge and their desire to teach me encouraged our work relationships. Taking EMF (electric and magnetic fields), the Fresnel Zone and antenna types to bed, helped me keep up in the following days. The days were long and jammed packed with valued knowledge of microwave and beyond. The training also encouraged meeting and interacting with my co-workers who I would otherwise not be able to interact daily with because of our distributed work force.

Now, I continue my journey behind my desk at home, in front of multiple computer screens, with more knowledge of the industry and hungry for more. The use of Microwave continues to be a staple in our day to day lives and I look forward to watching the industry grow and evolve even further into the future and what it will look like for large corporations and individuals like me.