Energy Analysis and Planning

Energy Analysis and Planning

CIC provides a unique power analysis service that allows our customers to identify the most efficient energy solution or combination of solutions for their specific needs.

Our unique approach evaluates and compares all power source options and then constructs a model that provides the annual operational costs for any type of power source, grid, solar, generator, wind, fuel cell, etc. By taking this approach the CICUSA team is able to identify the most cost effective solution and compare that to all options. 

We can generate the ROI of an equipment selection before any dollar is spent on engineering or construction, saving thousands of dollars in capital and operating costs.

CIC’s energy consulting service is a data driven analysis that uses the Customer’s existing loads and power source options to provide detailed answers to the most challenging energy cost questions:

  • What are your optimal energy sources?
  • How much will the ongoing energy cost for your solar and storage project?
  • What is the optimal size of a solar system for your project?
  • How can you achieve a specific cost target?
  • How much will you pay the utility by switching to solar?
  • How will your Utility’s new time of use rates affect your costs?
  • How much will you save by implementing a generator strategy?
  • How much will different storage solutions cost to operate?