Generator Runtime Reduction

Generator Runtime Reduction

Whether you operate one generator, or a fleet of generators a generator runtime reduction program can help you reduce generator runtime 50% – 75% without sacraficing your power needs.


At the core of our generator runtime reduction program is a supercapacitor storage system that increases the efficiency of any generator system, operating your generator(s) at the most efficient output.


Regular batteries with their low efficiency (80%), minimal cycle life (750 – 2500 times), and depth of discharge limits cannot support such a program cost effectivly. But Supercapacitors with a 97% efficiency, high cycle life (20,000 cycles) and deep discharge capabilities makes reducing generator runtime highly cost effective.

Using our proprietary modeling software, EnergyGuard, CICUSA’s design team can determine the equipment configuration to create an optimal design for your system, saving significant operating costs over the lifetime of your prime power or backup generator system.

Read our use cases to see how CICUSA has saved customers like AT&T and Alaska’s foremost Helicopter Ski Lodge hundreds of thousands of dollars in fuel and maintenance costs.

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