CIC provides microgrid design and implmentation. A microgrid is a self sufficient energy system that serves a defined facility or group of facilities. It can be connected to a public grid or completely off-grid, or have its own unique generation sources, such as solar, wind or fossil fuel generator(s).

Microgrids typically involve some kind of storage system (ESS) and most importantly, a microgrid has its own computer based management system that operates the microgrid to meet the needs and intent of its design. Microgrids can provide energy resiliency or complete energy independence for customers who have no public grid availability to depend on.

The foundation of CICUSA’s Microgrid design approach is based on our energy analysis software platform, EnergyGuard. Using the customer’s load profile, CICUSA can design a microgrid system specific to the power sources available, including a public grid power source with multiple time of use rates and optimize the system to specifically meet the needs of the facility or facilities it was designed for.

View our case study for the Tordrillo Lodge Microgrid to see how CICUSA tailor designed the microgrid for a complete lodge campus of buildings that had limited power sources and very high cost fuel rates. CICUSA is supporting communities and businesses alike with microgrid planning and development to support customers seeking energy independence and high reliability. Let CICUSA demonstrate how our microgrid services can save capital and operational costs and provide reliable and independent energy to your facility.

Generator Runtime Minimized - Fuel Costs Optimized - Tordrillo Mountain Lodge


Tordrillo Mtns, Alaska