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CIC engineers, furnishes and installs supercapacitor energy storage. The long service life and high usable capacity of supercapacitors equates to 5-10x lower lifetime cost of energy.  Supercapacitors can cycle more than 20,000 times and charge rapidly increasing the viability of renewables. When paired with fossil fuel generation, supercapacitors can reduce generator runtime by as much as 50%. Once installed, supercaps require virtually no maintenance.

  • Supercapacitor storage modules are a direct replacement for chemical batteries.
  • Supercapacitor based modules are non-volatile
  • Supercapacitor modules can last 25 years and longer while delivering unprecedented performance across a broad range of industrial, commercial and residential applications.
  • Supercapacitors are a safer and more efficient solution for solar + storage, backup power, peak shaving and energy arbitrage applications.
  • Supercapacitor storage is the lowest cost energy storage system in the world.
  • CIC is a certified installer of Supercapacitor Energy L.L.C. products in the USA.

Better than chemical batteries



Chemical Batteries⁶

Cycle Life (Projected)¹
500 to 3,000
DC to DC efficiency (@25?C)¹
70% to 95% (degrades over life)
Useable Capacity (% of rated capacity)
50% to 80% (degrades over life)
Temperature Range¹
-20C to 60C
0C to 50C

1 Performance may vary at different temperatures and at different C-rates.

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A supercapacitor stores and releases energy like a battery, but has better performance and many more cycles. While batteries store energy chemically, supercaps store energy electrostatically, like the static on clothes when they are taken out of the dryer.

Supercapacitors address the major flaw inherent in chemical battery storage solutions. Specifically safety and longevity. The products we represent are capable of daily charge/discharge cycles of 100%. Day in and day out, year after year. Our solutions will provide many years of reliable service with little or no maintenance required. Attempting to meet this requirement using Lithium Ion or any other chemical energy storage is impractical and exceeds the capabilities of battery-based energy storage. Fundamentally, chemical-based energy storage is not a practical, sustainable, or cost-effective energy storage solution.

In enclosures, Supercapacitors require no HVAC or integral liquid cooling due to a very wide operating temperature range. (-20C to 60C). Supercapacitor’s charge rate is 8 – 15 times faster than lead acid batteries, allowing them to reduce generator runtime by as much as 50%, creating substantial savings in generator fuel and maintenance costs.

The Obvious Choice for Stationary Energy Storage

  • Reliable and stable energy storage. In locations with grid access, can be deployed to reduce by leveraging using time of use arbitrage. Superior performance and cost savings make supercaps the obvious choice for standby power in critical infrastructure.
  • Can be deployed at any scale and in any location.
  • Can be deployed with any combination of generation sources from exclusively renewables to a combination of renewables and fossil fuel.
  • When deployed in remote locations with no grid access, can store electricity from 100% renewable generation, reducing or eliminating dependency on fossil fuel-based generators.
  • Categorized as a long-term asset due to long cycle life of the storage.

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