Path Designer

Microwave Automation Software

PathDesigner® is CIC’s proprietary microwave automation software created to automate the labor intensive requirements of microwave path and network design and data management. Using PathDesigner® time savings increases exponentially with the number of links in a network. Save time in the design of complex microwave networks and reduce errors to near zero. PathDesigner® works seamlessly with customer databases, PathLoss5, other microwave design software, and most mapping software to manage and control data. All of this means one thing to our Customers – Lowest Overall Cost for Design and Development, GUARANTEED.

PathDesigner® Software allows a Wireless Operator to:

To see how PathDesigner® will benefit your time and projects, contact us to set up a custom web demo or watch our Pathdesigner® YouTube web series.

Rapidly create budgets and BOMs, evaluate cost options, saving capital and operating expenses

Electronically integrate data with Frequency Coordinators, always maintaining PathLoss files up to date

Optimize topology choices

Monitor network hardware choices

Rapidly perform redesign in changing marketplaces

Multiple engineers can work on design while maintaining data integrity

Automate backhaul design with ring, spur or point to point topologies

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