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We offer a full range of project scheduling services. Having competent scheduling can often be the decisive factor in a project being completed within its budget. We will streamline your timetable and make sure everything runs like clockwork. Centuries of combined experience have taught us all the tricks, best-practices, pitfalls, perils, and gotchas. Invest in us to improve your revenue and get your project completed on-time.

Our unifying approach to complexity ensures that all stakeholders and participants are up-to-speed on their obligations. By prioritizing critical resources we help ensure that the most important tasks in the project are completed on time. Our accurate risk model accounts for everyday delays and problems, leading to fewer surprises. The most profitable route to completing your project may not be the most obvious one—our experience and attention to detail can help you find it. By expertly identifying activity gaps we can optimize your time-table to avoid delays and save money. CIC has the skills and experience to serve your needs.

Our consultants use traditional CPM (Critical Path Method) scheduling tools to efficiently handle your projects needs in a cost-effective manner. Developed in the 1950’s by Morgan Walker and James Kelley, CPM is a formal method for scheduling project timelines. It involves calculating the time each phase of a project will take, and optimizing their order to achieve the fastest completion time. By using proven mathematical formulas, CPM achieves more predictable end points than informal methods and guesswork.

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Our Services

Prepare master project schedules

Prepare preemptive recovery schedules

Assess contractor bid timeframes for realism

Prepare timely reports assessing progress

Assess 3rd party schedules

Risk analysis

Prepare delay mitigation documentation

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