Solar Photovoltaic

  • Considering solar’s low cost, near zero maintenance costs and zero carbon emissions, solar has become the most important component for reliable, outage proof, low cost energy.
  • Coupled with a long lasting Supercapacitor energy storage, solar offers the greatest security and most robust energy supply for critical infrastructure.
  • CIC designs and installs solar photovoltaic systems for utilities, telecommunication, industrial and commercial applications.
  • Using state of the art design and cost modeling software, CIC provides system designs that include operating costs, ROI forecasts, PV energy output and electrical design packages.


Our Services

Permit Package

Electrical Drawings, One Line Diagrams

Racking and structural systems (AutoCAD)

Load Studies

Financial Analysis


  • CIC supplies renewable energy and energy storage products and services.
  • Solutions for utilities, telecommunications, commercial, industrial and agriculture
  • Applications for micro-grid, off-grid, self generation, peak shaving and energy arbitrage.
  • Solar, fuel cell, ultra-efficient generator systems.
  • CIC is a leading provider for storage and renewable energy for the telecommunication industry.

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