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We resolve complex and challenging energy problems. Helping you reduce energy costs, accelerate decarbonization, profit on arbitrage opportunities, and accurately calculate expenditures. CIC can evaluate your current systems and generate a profile using our proprietary software to optimize your infrastructure and improve economic and environmental outcomes.

Energy mix is the multiple energy source options at a given location. By evaluating your energy mix, you may be able to reduce your overall cost of energy. Using sophisticated tools and methods, CIC is helping organizations achieve the lowest possible cost of energy for their circumstances and reaching decarbonization targets by establishing a clean mix of energy types to reduce their carbon footprints.

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Energy Consulting

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Site evaluation

Feasibility Assessment

Energy Source Identification

Decarbonization Planning

Energy Planning

System Design

CIC guides customers towards carbon footprint reduction while at the same time lowering energy costs and increasing energy resiliancy.

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